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Welcome to my site. I help independent business owners to tell compelling stories to attract their ideal audience, clients, team members, or readers. Grab a cuppa and join me for some chatter about indiepreneurship. If you're a writer, artist, musician, or creative person of any kind, and you want to make a living that incorporates that passion, you're probably an indiepreneur. Click the video below to find out more. ~ Rebecca.

Training and Tools for Indiepreneurs

Training and Tools for Indiepreneurs


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A consultation with Rebecca really helped to focus my mind on where I want to go and how to start going in the right direction. The relaxed atmosphere will make you feel like you are just chatting with a friend. But a friend who teaches you stuff when you aren’t looking. Like a writing ninja! -

Paul Barrow, Writer

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Oak Tree

Are You a Fruit Fly Or an Oak Tree?

Tactics Versus Strategy Tactics can make you rich. Now. They can’t build you a resilient, long term business. That takes strategy. When I see people throwing away money on tactics, without the strategic plan to maintain their momentum, dodge the bullets, and build something lasting… it makes me sad. Tactics change all the time. You’re setting yourself up for a …

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Hello Again! Some Lessons on Blogging on Social Media…

Wow! Nearly seven months since I last blogged here. There was a reason. Around that time, I was made aware …

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Book Cover Ray Blog

Get Traffic to Your Blog, Stop Writer’s Block, and Make Money

Founder of Magnetic Sponsoring and Elite Marketing Pro, Tim Erway, Interviews Ray Higdon … This video is a little bit …

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Are You a Roundhead or a Cavallier?

Watched a great documentary on the English Republic the other night (or the ‘what-in-the?? You were never a republic. You’ve …

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Thesbosmag Cover

Time to Spring Forward

Daylight Savings Time starts in the wee small hours of the 10th of March, 2013, in the United States. Here …

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Word Nerd Workshop Cheltenham Pic

Bestseller Lists, Thousands in Book Sales, and a Word Nerd Workshop!

One word sums up 2013 so far … WOW! Things that have happened so far: Published How to Choose the …

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Fluent In Social Media

Do You Believe in Yourself?

Behind the Scenes With Jane Orlov One of my star clients is Jane Orlov, a Russian housewife who turned into …

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Dalai Lama

How the Dalai Lama Can Help Authorpreneurs

The Dalai Lama posted something on Facebook that got me thinking … Do YOU Have an Alert and Calm Mind? …

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Cute Zombie

Has the Zombie Apocalypse Already Happened?

According to Mashable, a horror flick is about to be launched about two maintenance workers at CERN, who were zombiefied …

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Romances Set In The Cotswolds

Are You Dreaming Too Small?

Last summer, I set out my dreams. I committed them to YouTube, and I went to work. Here’s the video: …

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The Magic of ePublishing

For the first part of this story, go here. ************** Stage Fright! Given that Swanwick Writers’ Summer School is believed …

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Epublishing Panel For Site1

Swanwick ePublishing Panel, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Why I Love Honey

 No Voice, No Tech… No Problem! Being asked to speak on stage, in front of a few hundred authors, is …

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Confusing Ninja Guru E1337295120603

Marketing Juxtapositions

Do Gurus Confuse You?   You’re told that … Winners say ‘yes’ to everything, but that you must focus on …

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Editor Cat

The 5 Words That Will Inspire Your Writing

5 Magic Words …   Purpose If you know that it is your destiny to write a book, then this …

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File Sharing

Should I Quit My Job?

Definitely … Maybe Maybe you are an aspiring author, counting the days until you can leave the office job and …

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Daegan Smith and Rebecca Woodhead

The Story Daegan Smith Shared With Me When He Came to England

Telling Stories I’ve taken a bit of a break from my blog, and I’m not about to apologise. Blogging is …

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Data is Not Wisdom

Are You Too Connected? Do you hug your business too much? Are you connected, but alone? (Shelly Turkle – TED) …

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Adorable Kitten

Do You Hug Your Business Too Much?

Show Your Commitment Whether you are a home business owner or a writer, there will come a time when you …

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Falling Man

Are You Scared of Falling?

How to Lose the Fear and Gain Authority I made you a bit of audio training late last night, snuggled …

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