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Writing and Social Media
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On the ePublishing Panel at Swanwick Writers’ School

An extremely professional writer and a very influential person; it’s always nice to work with someone who understands the direction of social media completely and can bring a real creativity to projects- Mark Buckland, Cargo Publishing MD

Rebecca Woodhead's interview with New York Times Bestselling Author, Brendon Burchard

Rebecca Woodhead’s interview with New York Times Bestselling Author, Brendon Burchard




Books and Courses

Palaces and Calluses

The quality of the work rises above that of much of today’s popular literature because of Rebecca’s writing. She has an easy style that makes you want to leap to the next page. She’s just a natural. … Her book is a novel, but her own remarkable real-life story also makes for compelling reading: “I’m a coma survivor,” she writes on her blog. “As a child, I sustained such bad injuries in a car accident that I was told it was very unlikely I would ever be able to write as well as my peers. I taught myself to speak, read and write again — without the help of a speech therapist or counsellor. When I typed the last word of the first draft of my first novel, that felt like success.” - Mary Louise Ruehr – Books Editor for the Record-Courier in Ohio

18th Italy Fiction

The story is easy to follow, easy to read and hard to put down. I read it from start to finish in two days, something I haven’t done in a while. This is down to the plot flowing effortlessly from chapter to chapter. By the time I got through the first three or four chapters, I became almost obsessed with finding out whether or not Mary, the protagonist would get her life back... - Elpi Pamiadaki of Libri Populus
Palaces and Calluses left me wanting more: more about Mary and her life, more about the other characters and their stories, and more about the faces and places of the Cotswolds ... I’m already looking forward to the next installment of The Cotswold Chronicles. Rebecca Woodhead has found her niche and her passion! - Melissa Maday
The Right to Write Audio CourseLaunching Jan 2013

The Right to Write Audio Course
Launching 2013


author platform

How to Build an Author Platform.
Out 2013



How to Choose a Network Marketing Company

How to Choose a Network Marketing Company

Money Acceptance Flyer



Paul 3

Paul Barrow ~ English Writer

A consultation with Rebecca really helped to focus my mind on where I want to go and how to start going in the right direction. The relaxed atmosphere will make you feel like you are just chatting with a friend. But a friend who teaches you stuff when you aren't looking. Like a writing ninja!


Ursh Finn ~ Australian Entrepreneur

It is brilliant to work one on one with someone whose mind is so creative and sharp! I've been mucking around with my personal branding for a little while now and she's already gotten me to a place where I feel clarity and completely 'Me'. The perspective of someone who knows so much is invaluable to what you could be doing with your own business ... Such a small investment for someone who's been around the block and who not only knows a ton (wait till you're actually talking for her to coincidentally drop yet more wowzer talent/skill bombs), but she is so fun too! what I'd been spending more time than I'd like to on ... If you're toying with the idea, I'd highly recommend just doing it.

~ Andy Shepherd (English Motivational Speaker, and Teacher)

~ Andy Shepherd (English Motivational Speaker, and Teacher)

I have so much to be grateful to Rebecca Woodhead for. She is a very savvy intelligent professional woman, who is spot on with everything she does and says. When she is not working she has a humour that will have you rolling around with laughter! ... Her ideas for marketing and generating interested audiences are creative, fun and absolutely work! She coaxed me into doing a video about something amazing that happened professionally ... I am so glad I did! Because of it I now have a World Tour with 20 venues within 7 days. I have a PR manager in LA and much kudos amongst my peers! I strongly advise anyone to listen and act on whatever this wonderful lady says. I am certain you won’t regret it!

Ray and Jane

Ray Higdon: Top income earner, Speaker, Information Product Creator. Also, Jane Orlov, Social Media Firecracker. Video below.







~Jane Orlov (Russian Entrepreneur)


Online Affiliate and Network Marketing


  • Became the #1 affiliate for Elite Marketing Pro on two leaderboards
  • Built the first team in the company
  • Was taken on as a columnist for the company’s magazine, What’s Working Now

leaderboard 30th Oct - number 1

In 2 days of joining, I became the global #1 enroller in Essante Organics, and rank advanced twice. Within 7 weeks, my team had grown to 6 levels of duplication, I’d won the award for generating the most new business in the 3 summer months (of which I’d only been present for one) and I’d been nominated onto the Presenters’ Board. WildCraftedWarrior.com

14th Sept



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The marketing system that I use to earn my own advances as a writer.
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