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Marketing Juxtapositions

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Do Gurus Confuse You?


You’re told that …

Winners say ‘yes’ to everything, but that you must focus on one thing at a time …

You should duplicate your upline but you should stand out from the crowd …

You need to be on all the social networks, but that wasting time on social networks won’t make you any money …

The economy is in tatters but that saying the economy is in tatters means you have a ‘poverty mindset’, which makes you responsible for it …

You need to maintain a perennially sunny disposition but that you will never change for the better until you hit rock bottom.


Why the Contradictions?

There’s a couple of reasons …

1/ The people who are advising you wouldn’t be marketers would they? If they are, what are they selling this month? That might give you a clue. If you are being triggered, it’s not the fault of the marketer. If you want to give up drugs, do you ask a drug dealer? Step back and evaluate your own actions and results. What do you think you should do? Do that, check your results, tweak direction as necessary.

2/ The people who are advising you are also advising thousands of other people. Maybe YOU need to hear ‘say yes to everything’ but someone else needs to hear ‘focus on one thing at a time’. If you listen to every message everyone puts out, it’s the same as following a low fat and low carb diet at once. If you follow the ‘eat cream and eggs’ advice from the low carb diet at one meal and the ‘eat wholemeal bread and potatoes’ advice from the low fat meal at the next YOU WILL GET FAT!

Choose the diet that’s right for you, and pick and choose the right advice for your own circumstances.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you get confused by all the conflicting messages? Leave a comment below, and share this post if you found it useful. Thanks.

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  1. Julie Day
    Julie Day05-22-2012

    I pick and choose the advice I want to take. If I think it is good advice and feel that I can act upon it, then I will do it. If I think I can’t do it cos I don’t have time or it is not me, then I won’t. Yes, choose the right diet for yourself.

    • Rebecca Woodhead
      Rebecca Woodhead06-08-2012

      Hi Julie, I replied ages ago but it’s not here. Odd. Sorry about that. I think your advice here is perfect.
      Rebecca Woodhead recently posted..Work With MeMy Profile

  2. Amos

    Thanks for the advice but “focus on one thing at a time” is really very difficult nowadays with so many valuable information flying around. Usually, we are overloaded and overwhelmed with all these information so a little bit of discipline is a MUST to start focus on one thing at one time.
    Amos recently posted..MLM Forum – Should You Participate?My Profile

    • Rebecca Woodhead
      Rebecca Woodhead05-23-2012

      Totally agree, Amos. We haven’t evolved to deal with this much information, much less filter both the information and the providers of it to verify validity, trustworthiness, and relevance to us. It takes staggering self knowledge and self discipline to do this right all the time.

      As with any diet, we all make wrong choices from time to time. The trick is to get back on track ASAP and make healthy choices again.
      Rebecca Woodhead recently posted..How to Automate Social NetworksMy Profile

  3. John Akers
    John Akers05-23-2012

    Contradictions seem to be all over the place. I recall reading an article one day telling me I should do MLM company reviews and add scam to the end of it to get free traffic. The very next day I hear advice that you shouldn’t do any reviews with the word scam because it can make that very traffic believe your company and your products are a scam themselves. I believe in the latter advice… It can be confusing and sometimes I am my own best adviser.
    John Akers recently posted..Loss of Benefits Keeps the Strike Going StrongMy Profile

    • Rebecca Woodhead
      Rebecca Woodhead05-27-2012

      I know!! This stuff happens all the time. Ultimately, you’re always your best adviser. Listen to 100% of what is presented to you, then disregard the 98% of it that doesn’t apply to you. Go with your gut feeling and you won’t go far wrong.

  4. Rasheed

    Great insight Rebecca. I always found it odd, but there’s always two sides to a coin :)

    Rasheed recently posted..Tips for Promoting Your Blog: Dos and Don’tsMy Profile

    • Rebecca Woodhead
      Rebecca Woodhead05-27-2012

      Absolutely and, as I said, sometimes you need to hear one message and someone else needs to hear the opposite. Problems arise when you try to apply everything at once. That’s a bad diet for sanity. :D

  5. Michelle Goddard
    Michelle Goddard05-24-2012

    Ah, so true. I think I’ll go for egg on toast today and tomorrow I might try some creamy potatoes :)
    Michelle Goddard recently posted..The Golden PathMy Profile

    • Rebecca Woodhead
      Rebecca Woodhead05-27-2012


  6. royalties

    SO true Rebecca. Thats the reason why i do it on my own, testing several techniques and sticking on what things that brought me profit.
    royalties recently posted..Dividend Yield Support: Case Study – BPT BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty TrustMy Profile

  7. Habush Habush & Rottier
    Habush Habush & Rottier05-31-2012

    That’s a bulls eye! you may have hit many out there(just a fact). What I do is I collect webpages containing good advices, then I filter them into the nearest most health one. I choose one then I’ll do what it says. Being the top searched is not actually the best advice you can have.
    Habush Habush & Rottier recently posted..Woman dies in bicycle-car collisionMy Profile

  8. Michelle DeMarco
    Michelle DeMarco06-08-2012

    I loved this article! You hit the nail on the head, no wonder so many people are confused!! How do you determine what style is best for any given person?
    Michelle DeMarco recently posted..Are You Nuts?My Profile

  9. Jay Carter
    Jay Carter09-09-2012

    Nice post and something that never crossed my mind before.
    I’ve learned a lot .
    Jay Carter recently posted..My Bad? Experience Part 1 of 3. To Be Continued…My Profile

  10. Tonia

    I used to get confused and overloaded with info. It’s only the last couple of months since I began taking things into my own hands. I decided it’s time to stop learning and start doing.

    It takes time I think to realise that these so called ‘gurus’ are full of hype and to not be drawn into every new thing to hit the market. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons why most marketers take a few years before they actually start to make any money.

    Kind regards
    Tonia recently posted..Top Traffic TipsMy Profile

  11. robe

    There are a lot of websites these days, but yours has really impressed me with its great articles and awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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