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Bird And Blossom

How to Spring Clean Your Business

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Author, Columnist, Social Media Marketing Consultant, One of the original web pioneers. Believer in living dreams.

Tidy Your Habits!

Spring is a great time to look at your business habits and give them a good old dusting.


Look at your New Year’s Resolutions. How far have you got with them so far? Could you tweak your direction a little to stay on track, or do you just need to row a bit harder? Is there one habit you could adopt today that would get you there faster?


Look at your diary. Where are you wasting time? Cut it out. Put in your main priorities first (things like family, writing a book, spending time in the garden … the stuff that makes life worth living. Don’t put them LAST. Put them FIRST). Next, put in the business steps that are most likely to make you money, or the writing steps most likely to result in a book. Do the things that lead to results. Finally, fit in the things that could be seen as ‘busy work’. Social media stuff, and tinkering around with WordPress plugins fall into that category.


Clean Out Your Friend Wardrobe

People clean out their wardrobes, but they forget to clean out their ‘friend’ wardrobe. Mistake. Who in your life is not serving you? Now, I don’t mean serving you in the way that someone serves you in a restaurant. I mean … how are you being helped by having this person in your life?

If they only tell you that you’re on the wrong path, will that give you confidence?

If they are only criticising you, how likely is it that you will feel happy?

Who in your life holds you to your word, in a way that is kind and firm? Do you have a friend who reminds you of the promises you made to YOURSELF? If so, cherish them. They will suit you in all seasons.

Clean Your Mindset

  • Spend 30 minutes to an hour on personal development a day. Don’t spend 10 hours on it. That won’t build your business.
  • Don’t engage in gossip or negative talk in public (I should say you should never do this, but it’s better to cut back than not to try. Yes, you can whine to your mother every now and then if you must, but cut back on it progressively over the weeks and months).
  • Focus anew on your dream. What is your ‘why’? What is it? Leave it in the comments if you like. Get really focused on it.

Freshen Up!

Actually bring in some flowers. Go for a walk and smell the spring. Listen to the birds. Feel the warmth on your face. Experience life. That’s what you’re doing all this for, isn’t it? Don’t you just want to live more, and bigger, and better? So, do it.

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Rebecca WoodheadAuthor, Columnist, Social Media Marketing Consultant, One of the original web pioneers. Believer in living dreams.View all posts by Rebecca Woodhead →


  1. Tonya Stephens
    Tonya Stephens03-27-2012

    Hi Rebecca,

    Spring is definitely in the air and why not apply all things spring to your online business.
    Very clever and creative blog post. I especially love your graphics!
    Thanks for this refreshing read!
    Tonya Stephens
    Tonya Stephens recently posted..Social Media Marketing Can Help Build Your BrandMy Profile

    • Rebecca Woodhead
      Rebecca Woodhead03-28-2012

      You’re welcome. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Rasheed

    Did you draw the graphics yourself? They are very fitting for this blog post!

    Rasheed recently posted..Bringing Value to the Table (AKA Competing with Gurus)My Profile

  3. PrincessShimari

    Good read Rebecca.. I enjoyed it. Simple habits can definitely hinder one’s progress.
    PrincessShimari recently posted..THERE IS A NETWORK MARKETER IN YOUMy Profile

  4. Gina Ghafari
    Gina Ghafari03-29-2012

    Hey Rebecka
    Thank you for sharing this breath of fresh air, reminding us to do the little but so important things.

    “When One Teaches, Two Learn”
    Gina Ghafari recently posted..Are you a Team member?My Profile

  5. Monna Ellithorpe
    Monna Ellithorpe03-31-2012

    Thanks for this post, Rebecca.

    You are so right. You have to focus on yourself and be happy in order for the other things to come to you that you deserve.

    Focus and focusing on your dream is the shortest distance to the prize.

    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted..Vision Board For Motivation and GoalsMy Profile

  6. Jamella Biegel
    Jamella Biegel03-31-2012

    Hi Rebecca,

    Spring is in the air! Thanks for the reminder of things to be cleaned besides our homes. I’ve already started cleaning out my friend wardrobe and my mindset. My business is next!
    Jamella Biegel recently posted..Step Into the Spotlight And Promote You!My Profile

  7. Amos

    Thanks Rebecca. Really great tips and you have a very well designed blog! :)
    Amos recently posted..Importance of Follow Up With Leads and ProspectsMy Profile

    • Rebecca Woodhead
      Rebecca Woodhead04-03-2012

      Thank you very much. Glad you like the blog. Just something I threw together myself. :)

  8. Jay Carter
    Jay Carter09-09-2012

    I’d like to have more money and more suitable friends although not necessarily in that order.

  9. Carlo Martin
    Carlo Martin06-12-2014

    Thanks for this awesome read. I do believe personal development needs to be a part of our everyday activities.

  10. Adam

    When I first started, I found it difficult to even spend 20 minutes on any kind of personal development work each day – I just seemed so busy. When I started to really look at what I did on an average day, I wasn’t spending more than about 3-4 hours productively. Most of it was wasted to idle phone conversations, TV and dramas in my life. Trying to keep aware of what I was doing and feeling throughout the day was the kick start to really taking on personal development full time.
    Adam recently posted..Time to make changes?My Profile

  11. John Michael
    John Michael08-01-2014

    Thanks for this nice, informative post. Really helpful. Good job.

  12. Natsz Kyuzawa
    Natsz Kyuzawa09-19-2014

    I don’t know if i get i right.. hmm.. I guess “Spring” here.. represents Open Mindedness, Positive Outlook in life and a plan or a goal in a business or personal goals.. or I guess “Spring” here represents an IDEA that comes into our mind which we relate eventually to make money or improve our business or build a business out of that “Spring”.. am i right? :)
    Natsz Kyuzawa recently posted..The desirable packageMy Profile

  13. Natsz Kyuzawa
    Natsz Kyuzawa09-25-2014

    I want to be a successful businessman and investor in the future.
    Natsz Kyuzawa recently posted..You have to figure it out!My Profile

  14. samray

    I will follow you steps and will take any help if i require from you Thank you for wonderful post, I love your blog, It gives very useful and informative information , Thanks again and highly appreciated.
    samray recently posted..Work From Home – Online Job – 5 Figure for just $1My Profile

  15. santhosh

    thank you Rebecca,
    nice read. Will look forward to implementing these things

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