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Romances Set In The Cotswolds

Are You Dreaming Too Small?

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Author, Columnist, Social Media Marketing Consultant, One of the original web pioneers. Believer in living dreams.

Last summer, I set out my dreams. I committed them to YouTube, and I went to work. Here’s the video:

In that video, I set out the following dreams and goals:

  1. To become an Amazon bestselling author. This felt COMPLETELY unachievable, but I got clear on it and I put it out there.
  2. To help people who feel held back from publication by poverty.
  3. To help people who feel held back from publication due to health issues or perceived inability.
  4. To publish stories that felt real to people, and helped to lift them out of their pain and inspire them.
  5. To help aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly at the point where creativity and entrepreneurship cross.
  6. In particular to help inspire aspiring authors and give direction to aspiring Directors.

Well … job done! I did all of these things over the last year. I was an Amazon bestselling author by the time I’d finished the video. I hadn’t bothered to check when I made it, but when I did I was already on the lists. I’ve stayed in the bestseller lists and best reviewed lists (sometimes in the minor lists and sometimes in the major ones) throughout the last year, and have even reached the #1 spot in some lists.

Romances set in the Cotswolds

I became a columnist for Writing Magazine   …      


 and for The Small Business Owner Magazine … 

This enabled me to reach aspiring authors and entrepreneurs. It also enabled me to interview people such as the Director of Engineering for Google, Chee Chew, and authorpreneurial legend, Brendon Burchard …

Aside from that, the influence I built made it easy for me to interview people like the legendary Ray Higdon, Jairek Robbins (son of Tony Robbins), and numerous other top authors and entrepreneurs. During this time, my social media influence and reach went through the roof. I even became the most influential woman on Google Plus in England, and was celebrity verified by Google.  Mashable also mentioned me as one of the people that marketers on Google Plus should circle/follow.

This gave me the platform to reach out and help thousands of people for free who were affected by the recession, and to assist them in making money online or through their writing for the first time. It also gave me the forum to do the same for people who’d been told that they would never write because of health problems or other reasons.

Meanwhile, my book accumulated reviews, and people emailed reviews directly to me, saying that my book had helped and inspired them, and that they felt as if they knew my characters, like friends.

I set up a private Facebook group for entrepreneurs who wanted to be more creative, and creative people who wanted to be more entrepreneurial, and it has been a total phenomenon. Members of the group are pinging out books and products all the time. Here’s what one of the members said:

By the way, the coaching she’s talking about is my Directional Coaching course (remember in the video that I said I wanted to give direction to aspiring Directors? Ta-da!) If you’re curious, by the way, the pass phrase to get access to the course info is ‘get direction course’.

I’ve also spoken on stage, and was on a panel of ePublishing experts at Swanwick Writers’ School this summer.










In addition to that, I created my first two information products: The Right to Write and

The Mindset Behind the Magic: Money Acceptance 

I’m now making a full-time income, working part-time from home and living my dream. What could you do in the next year if you just got really clear on your own direction and took action to make your dreams come true? How big can you dream? Make sure you dream big enough dreams to inspire you into action the moment that you wake up!

What’s your dream? Leave it in the comments, then come back here in a year and see whether or not you achieved it.

The marketing system that I use to earn my own advances as a writer.

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Rebecca WoodheadAuthor, Columnist, Social Media Marketing Consultant, One of the original web pioneers. Believer in living dreams.View all posts by Rebecca Woodhead →


  1. Jane

    Rebecca, you are a Brilliant! You inspire and help so many people, true visionary… and the ability to LIFT others is very Rare these days… I am so glad we connected <3
    Jane recently posted..Cold Market Classified Ad System “Cold leads that call YOU” created by Angie Levine explained by Chris and Briannah with Jane OrlovMy Profile

  2. Rebecca Woodhead
    Rebecca Woodhead10-13-2012

    Thank you, Jane. I’m glad we connected, too. :)
    Rebecca Woodhead recently posted..The Magic of ePublishingMy Profile

  3. Jay Carter
    Jay Carter10-14-2012

    Well done Rebecca for reaching your goals.
    Fulfilling lots of small dreams can mean achieving one big goal.
    Jay Carter recently posted..My Bad? Experience Part 2 of 3. To Be Continued…My Profile

  4. Rebecca Woodhead
    Rebecca Woodhead10-14-2012

    Thanks Jay. Good point, but the achievement of the big dreams propels you further. For example, when I finished the first draft of my first novel, having been told by doctors that I’d never write properly – and certainly not at the level of my peers – it was amazing. When I saw my book hit the top 20 on multiple best selling and best reviewed charts on Amazon, and beating the books of traditionally published authors who’d never suffered brain injury, that was also great. I dropped some dress sizes too – and that was cool – but it wasn’t even slightly in the same league of feeling as finishing a novel.

    Setting yourself goals is great, but setting goals that lead to your biggest possible dreams is flipping awesome! Dream a bit more. Dream bigger. Then act!
    Rebecca Woodhead recently posted..Data is Not WisdomMy Profile

  5. Jason Baudendistel
    Jason Baudendistel10-14-2012

    Rebecca, you really do have an amazing story that should inspire anyone. I love learning from you and although I don’t always do the best job of communicating it you have made a huge difference in my life.

  6. Edward Elliott
    Edward Elliott10-14-2012

    You are a Blessing and Inspiration for so many Rebecca. What an absolute privilege and honour to be part of your life and journey. I look forward to what you have in store for your next big dream! How does it get any better than that?
    Edward Elliott recently posted..Top 5 Questions Businesses Should Ask About Marketing On FacebookMy Profile

  7. Idellah Woods
    Idellah Woods10-18-2012

    I want to do EXACTLY what you are doing – part time work, full time income. That’s my goal for 2013. Oh did I mention all my income will be in some way related to writing? Yea, there’s that…. :-)

  8. Marilyn Fisher
    Marilyn Fisher10-21-2012

    Rebecca, you are an inspiration to us all! I loved your book Palaces and Calluces, it has inspired me to ta into attempting to write a book on my life. One of my brothers told me many years ago that I should write about it, so that maybe others would not make the same mistakes. I also really enjoy our other interactions. Hugs…~~Magical_Marilyn~~

  9. Aprile

    You are an inspiration, Rebecca!

  10. Becca Van
    Becca Van10-24-2013

    Rebecca, I wish I had found you 5 years ago. I was suffering anxiety and depression, was sick and tired of my job as a sales consultant at a sales newspaper and couldn’t see a way out. I had a dream to write but very little idea of how to make it work. Long story made short, three years ago I was too ill to go to work anymore, with support from my supervisor ( a real idealist and visionary ) and my husband, I quit my job and began to write. after six months of submissions to over 30 online publishers, I eventually obtained a contract. I haven’t left the house to work again, have slowly improved my writing style and am now a successful author. If I can do this, anyone can. Obstacles are there to be overcome, find your passion and JUST DO IT.
    Becca Van recently posted..Passion, Victoria 1 – The Beginning – ExcerptMy Profile

  11. roofers dallas
    roofers dallas11-13-2013

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  12. Tim

    Hi Rebecca
    I bet you have achieved alot more since this post. I going to read more on your blog. I’m just starting out and have have just released by own ebook which is selling OK. Not enough to leave the day job though! I’m from the cotswolds originally – what a beautiful part of the country .

  13. John Navata
    John Navata07-13-2014

    Wow Rebecca,
    You just Blessed me about you helping out people. Knowing your dreams and visions will get you to where you want to go. You attracted me to check if my dream was small. You are awesome with big dreams!

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